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What is the formula for the analog output for a 30-4406 Boost gauge?

Also, is the ouptput absoluote or guage pressure?

My instructions came with info on analog output equation. However, I found some instructions which say the sensor has an equation PSIA = 12.5 * volts -6.25, but it is unclear if this for internal use or if this is the analog output.

I used the above equation, but analog output did not match the gauge. I also corrected for local atmospehic conditions: Boost = PSIA - atmospheric, but that didnt work.

Also, how does the gauge correct for atmospheic pressure since it uses a PSIA  sensor? Is there a way to calibrate it for local atmospehric condtions? I am in colorado where local pressure is about 2.7 PSI less than sea level.