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CD-5/CD-7 Carbon DashDesign

Updated - 2020-06-12

Updated - 2023-02-07

AEMCal VCU Tuning Software
AEMCal 4.05.14b

Includes support for AEM VCU275, VCU200, VCU300, Sport LDU inverter control board, Base LDU inverter control board, and Small Drive (SDU) inverter control board

Updated - 2024-04-29

Series 2 EMS

Updated - 2020-06-12


Updated - 2020-06-12

Series 1 EMS
AEMPro Wizard

Wizard update overwrite file in AEMPro Folder

Fuel/Ignition Controllers
AQ-1 Data Logger Software

Requires .Net Framework 4 or higher to be installed

Updated - 2020-06-12

AEMData Logging and Analysis Software

Updated - 2020-06-12

Wideband/Ethanol/Boost Failsafe Gauge Configuration Software
Wideband Failsafe Configuration Software
Water/Methanol Failsafe Configuration Software
Serial Gauge Configuration Software
X-WiFi PC Monitor

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